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Toruń’s Cherry Liqueur

Toruń’s Cherry Liqueur is made of ripe cherries which matured in oaken vats, following the traditional, family-owned recipe of Dr Grzegorz Russak. It is a wonderful gift of nature stored in a beautiful decanter.

  • Volume: 500 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 25% vol.

    Toruń’s Chokeberry Liqueur

    Toruń’s Chokeberry Liqueur would not have its rich taste and aroma but for chokeberries which, covered with alcohol, matured in oaken vats for several months and lent the alcohol their valuable features. Enjoy this refined beverage made according to the traditional recipe of Dr Grzegorz Russak.

    • Volume: 500 ml
    • Alcoholicity: 25% vol.

      Toruń’s Black Currant Liqueur

      Toruń’s Black Currant Liqueur contains the rich aroma and taste of black currants – a truly valuable fruit – which matured in oaken vats in our distillery. The production of this remarkable beverage was closely supervised by Dr Grzegorz Russak – the eminent expert in the Old-Polish art of liqueur-making.

      • Volume: 500 ml
      • Alcoholicity: 25% vol.

        Toruń’s Red Currant Liqueur

        Toruń’s Red Currant Liqueur has all of the best qualities of red currants stored in the bottle; red currants were macerated in oaken vats and lent their taste and aroma to the alcohol. The beverage is made according to an old recipe handed down from generation to generation in the family of Dr Grzegorz Russak.

        • Volume: 500 ml
        • Alcoholicity: 25% vol.

          Śliwowica Polska – plum vodka

          This is traditional plum vodka with a rich aroma and taste acquired from plum distillate after long maturation. Its taste captivates; its alcoholicity impresses. It ideally subscribes into the long and rich history of plum brandies in Poland.

          • Volume: 700 ml
          • Alcoholicity: 63% vol.

          Valesius – Grape Vodka

          This grape vodka – a historical branded liquor of Torun’s distillery – is produced following our old checked recipe. The secret of its taste and aroma hides in high-quality wine distillate from sunny Moldova. This is a mixture of history, taste and lushness worthy of a king.

          • Volume: 700ml
          • Alcoholicity: 40% vol.

          Sigismundus III Vasa – Gold Apple Vodka

          This traditional apple vodka is made according to an old, strictly-confidential, own recipe based on high-quality mature apple distillate. Our experience in alcohol production, carefully selected ingredients and a well-thought-out composition are the factors determining its unusual taste and aroma.

          • Volume: 700 ml
          • Alcoholicity: 40% vol.

            „LEMONCELLO” – Alc. 21% by vol.
            „PUNCH AL MANDARINO” – Alc. 30% by vol.
            „RATAFIA” – Alc. 21% by vol.
            „FRAGOLINO” – Alc. 23% by vol.
            „LIQUORIZIA” – Alc. 30% by vol.
            „GENZIANA ELISIR DI VINO” – Alc. 25% by vol.
            „GENZIANA RISERVA” – Alc. 25% by vol.
            „GENZIANA GRAN RISERVA” – Alc. 25% by vol.
            „GRAPPA” – Alc. 40% by vol.
            „GRAPPA BARRICATA” – Alc. 40% by vol.
            „GRAPPA ALLA LIQUIRIZIA” – Alc. 40% by vol.
            „CREMA” – Alc. 17% by vol.
            cream liquor different flavours: melon, pistachio nut, lemon, white chocolate & saffron, chocolate & rhum, chocolate & mint, chocolate & ratafia, chocolate & chili pepper, liquorice
            „JUICES” – CORRETTORE GUSTI 12° grapefruit, kiwi, bitter orange, mandarin


              Flavoured Vodka & Liqueur

              BACCARA rose liquour
              BALI CAIPIRINHA
              BALI CHOCOLATE
              BALI COCONUT
              BALI LEMON
              BALI ORANGE
              BALSAM MNICHA
              DILETTO AMARETTO – liquour
              GATE Cherry
              GATE Cranberry
              GATE Lemon
              GATE Pear
              GATE Quince

              Flavoured Vodka & Liqueur

              Cider – DESIRE, apple
              Cider – DESIRE, perry
              Cider – SADOWSKI
              GATE Bitter Lemon Vodka Ice Drink
              GATE Blue Vodka Ice Drink
              GATE Pear Vodka Ice Drink
              GATE Cranberry Vodka Ice Drink
              GATE Mandarine Vodka Ice Drink
              GATE Gin & Tonic Vodka Ice Drink
              GATE Whisky & Cola Vodka Ice Drink
              VODKA.PL ICE Cranberry
              VODKA.PL ICE Lemon
              VODKA.PL ICE Pear


              AMADEUS semi-sweet sparkling
              DALMATINO Apple
              DALMATINO Cherry
              DALMATINO Peach
              DALMATINO Strawberry
              GATE Energy Drink


              Chantal Napoleon VSOP, white bottle
              Napoleon Chantal VSOP, white bottle, carton box
              Grand Chantal Napoleon
              Grand Chantal, tube

              Beverages (BRANDY style)

              Budafok Exclusive 8 years old
              Budafok white bottle
              Budafok Chocolate, white bottle
              Budafok white bottle
              Budafok carton box
              Budafok Souvenir Complet (Budafok 0,7L – carton box : white bottle + 2 glasses)
              Chantal Brandy&Cherry
              Istriana VSOP brown bottle
              Istriana VSOP
              Napoleon Petit, olive bottle 

              Gift Brandy, Whisky

              RUSZNICA STARODAWNA, wooden box case, brandy
              Joe Poker Scotch Whisky
              Glen Gate Scotch Whisky with glass in carton box COSA NOSTRA, whisky 40%, 0,7L, metal can

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