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Soplica Clear Vodka

Soplica Vodka is a distinctive, Polish, pure grain vodka, made from a blend of carefully selected grains. Rye gives Soplica its unique Polish character and a small addition of wheat its mild profile. Soplicas four stage production process is designed to give the highest quality spirit. This includes a filtration sequence where the spirit passes gradually through a vast series of chambers across active carbon. The water used for Soplica is already clear and fresh but is filtered 5 more times to ensure extreme purity. First produced in Gniezno (the original capital of Poland) in 1891, Soplica is the name of the romantic, brave and courageous, Polish fictitious hero, from the 19th century. Try Soplica. The authentic Polish Vodka

  • Volume: 700/500/200/100 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 40% vol.

Soplica Hazelnut Vodka Spirit drink

A new addition to the Soplica Spirit drink range, Soplica Hazelnut flavoured Spirit drink has all of the character and credentials of the original product which has been produced in Poland since 1891.

  • Volume: 500/200/100 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 30% vol.


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Available sizes

Available in 50cl, 20cl and 10cl at 30% ABV. 15 bottles per case.

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