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ARSSI ALLIANCE was founded in 2015 in Armenia by a group of major food companies with more than two decades of experience in vodka production. Spring water from the Armenian Highlands known for its excellent taste was one of the key motivators for setting up our business in Yerevan. At ARSSI ALLIANCE we believe that by using cutting edge technology in combination with high quality raw materials and water from Armenia’s springs, it is possible to create a superior product.
Production of elite drinks equipped with modern machinery, provides our employees with clean and comfortable working conditions, while our organizational culture creates a positive work environment, which results in dedicated performance. Our vodkas are made in accordance with the best traditional recipes thanks to our staff of highly qualified in-house experts who undertake a wide range of tasks including developing our special formulas to designing our labels and packaging.





The leading brands of ARSSI ALLIANCE are Godfather Platinum, Godfather Ultra Premium, Masterclass and H2O vodkas which are endowed with a number of significant features.
Thanks to research and development by our experts, we have developed an innovative multi-stage alcohol and water filtration system that is unique in its kind and radically differs from conventional filtering systems used in the production of vodka around the world.

Our cutting-edge filtration system completely purifies the toxic mixtures of ethyl alcohol by removing its unpleasant taste and odor containing components, and minimizes the appearance of hangover. In result, the water and alcohol ready for production don’t only taste great but are also extraordinarily super smooth. 


As a result of the new filtration system and the pure, crisp spring water of the Armenian Highlands, our experts have crafted a truly exquisite formula for our range of elite vodkas «ARSSI ALLIANCE» that without any hesitation outclass other brands in the world. We can ensure that it is the smoothest vodka you will taste.

















Made for connoisseurs of the finer things in life, this exceptional vodka embodies years of expertise, talent and true innovation.

The purpose of our product is to take the understanding of the “finer things in life” a step further, by ensuring that people get to thoroughly enjoy the mellowest and most balanced vodka yet.


The making of Godfather consists of mixing high quality ALFA alcohol with pure spring water from the Armenian mountains, and distilling it with our latest cutting edge technology, which purifies the vodka making it exceptionally pure and smooth.

Alcohol “Alfa” is today’s best standard of ethyl alcohol used in production of spirits. It exceeds standard alcohol “Luxe” by many physical and chemical features.

Only wheat or rye are used in production of high quality alcohol “Alfa” what distinguishes it from alcohol “Luxe” for production of which other, less valuable, sorts of cereals may be used. The highest requirements with regard to chemical composition and level of toxic substances are imposed on alcohol “Alfa.” Thus, acceptable level of methanol is seven times less than in alcohol “Luxe.”







With a name like Godfather Vodka, one would assume the product was made in Sicily. Not so: Godfather actually hails from Armenia, a land better known for its brandy. Godfather’s products all include “XXS” in the full name — and that doesn’t mean “extra extra small.” Rather, XXS stands for “extra extra soft,” as it is the distiller’s avowed mission to “eliminate the strong odor and burning sensation of alcohol” in its products. To that end, Godfather is the first vodka I’ve received that includes a slip of paper with chemical test results proving low incidence of copper, methanol, and aldehydes, as verified by the Qulity Control Department of SPS Cigaronne LLC, an Armenian cigarette manufacturer.

Godfather is luxe stuff. The two expressions of the vodka come in fancy boxes, the bottles are covered in fancy engravings, their necks wrung by metal charms bearing Armenian symbols. The vodka itself proceeds as follows













The Smoothest Vodka ever made..

The ‘Godfather’ Ultra Premium Vodka.



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