Russian Gold




Imperial Passion and Tradition To Russians, vodka is an ancient, traditional spirit distilled from the Russian spirit itself. Russians are passionate about their vodka. It is as essential as water to Russian life. So it was in 1721, when Peter the Great was crowned Emperor of Russia, a special one-of-a-kind vodka was created to celebrate this occasion. That vodka, today, is known as Imperial Collection Gold.



    We are pleased to present the IMPERIAL COLLECTION GOLD – super premium vodka from Russia produced and bottled in St.Petersburg by one of the largest factories LADOGA. IMPERIAL COLLECTION GOLD is distributed in more than thirty countries worldwide. It is the winner at prestigious Russian and international exhibitions and competitions with the highest tasting scores










IMPERIAL COLLECTION GOLD – super premium vodka from Russia

To produce IMPERIAL COLLECTION GOLD we use ultra pure and soft waters  of Ladoga – the largest lake of glacial origin in Europe.
The production process of IMPERIAL COLLECTION GOLD includes 12 stages of purification using a multi-step filtration system
(coal and sand filters), with special golden membrane filters which are used at the final stage

The bottle for IMPERIAL COLLECTION GOLD is made from frosted (satinated) glass which
carefully preserves the unique taste of this super premium Russian drink.
Decorated with 24 karat gold, it looks complete, alluring and beautiful.