History of the krakus brand.

Krakus vodka has been produced continuously since 1962. For so many years vodka Krakus has been hosted at Polish tables, being an indispensable part of family celebrations and social events. The uniqueness of our liquors signed by this brand is also determined by long aging in special conditions in line with the old Polish traditions. Its unique recipe is based on two key elements – high quality spirits and the purest water.


The original graphic design of the KRAKUS vodka label was developed by Warsaw artist Andrzej Heidrich, who also created the logo of the Polish Spirit Monopoly and the popular hussar sign, a permanent element of the “Polmos” label, which was registered in the Polish Patent Office on April 29, 1963. r.

In 1999, KRAKUS trademark, belonging to the group of the most valuable marks – Group I, became the subject of division between companies of the Polmos Group. The terms of the agreement were determined in negotiations of Polmos Group companies. In the brand ranking prepared for the this division, KRAKUS was third in terms of brand value. As a result of negotiations, Polmos Wroclaw got the rights to the Krakus brand. After the brand acquisition Krakus was repeatedly redesigned to change its image. These multiple product modifications were aimed at rising the technological and marketing standards. In response to changing market trends Krakus product range was extended to so-called the “Krakus Family”. Krakus Classic, as a standard product, was ranked higher in the hierarchy, placing itself among the luxury grain products. The same formula was used in the development of Krakus Premium, with the use of rectified spirit, which increased the product quality much higher than market standards. Promotional and marketing activities were focused on unifying the brand’s logo and the individualization of the package to stand out on the market and increase the brand recognition.


Krakus premium

 Krakus is one of the most popular brands of vodka, produced continuously since 1962 for the supporters of Polish products.
Krakus conquers the hearts of the Poles and foreigners with a rich taste and natural notes. These unique features do not allow Krakus to mistake with any other vodka.

  • Volume: 100, 200, 500, 700 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 40% vol.

    Krakus – produced continuously since 1962

    Krakus is one of the oldest brands of vodka in Poland. It’s unique recipie is based on two key elements – high quality spirit from polish grains and long resting in special conditions, according to polish tradition.

    Krakus vodka has been produced continuously since 1962. It’s is one of the  most popular and recognizable Polish vodkas that guests at Polish tables, being an inseparable part of famili celebrations and social gatherings.

    • Volume: 100, 200, 500, 700 ml
    • Alcoholicity: 40% vol.

      Krakus – fruit refreshing

      Krakus is new and good tastes!

      Pearcherrylemon and rasberry – these are new propositions in Krakus family, produced only from natural ingredients.

      Excellent flavored vodka is produced from the finest spirit and crystalline water, flavored with natural fruit macerates. Krakus flavored meet the expectations of all those who want to break the taste of a pure vodka with a fruit note.

      • Volume: 100, 200, 500 ml
      • Alcoholicity: 30% vol.

        Herbowa gorzka


        Sweet-bitter vodka, created according to the traditional 19th century recipe, is prepared with the finest grain spirit, natural macerate of cloves, cinnamon and orange, as well as sweet caramel. This composition of natural ingredients gives Herbowa Gorzka its unique color and contradictory sweet and bitter taste.

        Capacity: 100 ml; 200 ml; 500 ml
        ABV: 36 %

          Krakus exclusive


          Highly rated brand of Polish vodka. Its greatest asset is the noble, mature, rich taste that has been worked on for years. To ensure high quality, every drop of Krakus Exclusive vodka comes from carefully selected and fermented cereal grains, a single source of water and has been produced ever since at Akwawit in Wrocław.

          Krakus Exclusive is a proposal for demanding people who choose things with a unique history – sumptuous and elegant at the same time. Also available in an ornamental tube.

          • Volume: 500, 700ml
          • Alcoholicity: 40% vol.



            Akwawit – with its tradition since 1879 and its location in Wroclaw, has created a vodka from which all Wroclaw people are proud of – Wratislavia.
            Wratislavia fully complies with the definition of Polish Vodka. Since 1997 it has been acting as an exclusive showcase for Lower Silesia and representing Wrocław during celebrations in Poland and abroad. Exclusive pure vodka based on grain spirit is distilled until perfect purity is achieved.

            Its unusual packaging is a real work of art. A satin bottle with platinum, with the image of the 15th-century Wroclaw, will perfectly illuminate the special moments and important celebrations in good company. The bottle is hand-corked, and a tube adds the elegance of Wratislavia.

            • Volume: 500, 700ml
            • Alcoholicity: 40% vol.

              Krakus gin


              Krakus Gin reflects the needs of modern consumers looking for the original drink. Every sip of Krakus GIN is a proof of balanced taste and scent

              Krakus Gin is a dry and aromatic alcohol based on neutral spirit of cereal and crystalline water with the addition of juniper fruit flavors. It is best served in addition to other beverages, creating delicious drinks – in Poland most often drink with a tonic. It is a wonderful alcoholic alternative that surprises with its different taste.

              Capacity: 700 ml
              ABV: 37,5 %


                PURE SWITNESS

                Krówka i Kukułka are liquors inspired by the taste of favorite polish candies. They are produced based on the traditional recipe using natural ingredients of excellent quality. The selected spirit, flavors and aromas which are derived form caramel, cocoa, truffle and vanilla create unique taste among polish liquors.
                Kokosanka liquor is a composition of vanilla and natural flavors of coconut.

                Liquors with their pleasant aroma and sweet taste are a great addition to afternoon coffee, ice cream desserts and cakes.

                Capacity: 500 ml
                ABV: 32 %

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