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The rich history of our distillery is not just 134 years of tradition in the manufacture of vodka, but also the story of every person who has taken part in the process. It’s the hard work of people who have put their hearts and souls into what they do. It’s a wonderful story which emanates from the walls of the distillery

As early as the 1850s, spirits were being produced on an industrial scale in the Mokre district of Toruń. The founders of the operation were two Jewish entrepreneurs, Georg and Natan Hirschfeld.


A state-of-the-art for the times distillery was opened on what is now Olbrachta Street in 1884, and that date is recognised as the founding of Toruńska The alcoholic beverages produced there were known not only in Europe, but made their way to Africa and Asia as well, winning many awards and distinctions worldwide. Our products have also won numerous awards at international events in Melbourne, Graz and Kaliningrad.


In 1890, the plant was taken over by Wolf Sultan, a Toruń distillery magnate, lover of literature and fine beverages.


Sultan continued the dynamic growth of the plant, after which it was taken over in 1919 by the Gdańsk merchant Herman Winkelhausen, who had previously owned a spirits distillery in Starogard Gdański.


When the distilling industry was nationalised in 1925, the Toruńska Rectified Spirit Distillery became the property of the National Treasury, and from that time onward functioned under the name Polmos.

For the last 134 years, we have been producing vodkas of the highest quality.

– high-quality grain alcohols from our own distillery;
– crystal-clear ground water from our own intake;

– macerates of our own production which lend our liquors rich
and original flavour.

The water used for the creation of our vodkas comes from deep water wells located far beneath the distillery. But that’s not all! We also use in our production process carefully selected grains and macerates based on traditional recipes.


Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe is a company with over 135 years of history. The alcohols produced here were already known and rewarded in Europe before the World War I and they were also exported to Africa and Asia.

Today, in buildings that remember those times, we continue the work of the founders of the Toruń plant and a few hundred years of tradition of producing Polish vodka – as one of the last producers with the domestic capital.

In our factory we use water from our own abbysal intakes, selected distillate and macerates made on the basis of original recipes. The high quality of the spirit for which we are famous is due to the unique in European scale of 5-column rectification apparatus and the experienced staff.

The range of brands and products, which we are proud to present in this catalogue, is constantly developing – drawing the best from the tradition, we want to create the future of the Polish and global strong alcohol market.













Toruńska Pure Vodka

Toruńska Vodka is traditional vodka which was known in Poland even before the war. It is produced according to a tested recipe based on high-quality grain alcohols and crystal clear ground water from our intake. Best for banquets and long discussions among friends.

  • Volume: 200 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 40 % vol.

Toruńska Potato Vodka

Toruńska Potato Vodka is a pure vodka crafted only on the basis of the precious potato spirit, to production of which only the polish potatoes were used. It is a nod to the best Polish distillery tradition.

  • Volume: 500 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 40% vol.

Toruńska Lemon Vodka

This refreshing flavoured vodka is based on natural lemon juice and lemon macerate – the ingredients contributing to its fresh and exceptional taste. It is perfect for summer heat, though also suitable for a warming-up tea in winter. Some say that it is the best lemon vodka they have ever drunk.

  • Volume: 200 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 37.5% vol.

Toruńska Cranberry Vodka

This cranberry vodka is characterised by a refined red colour and exceptional smell and taste. All of that is achieved thanks to the combination of high-quality pure vodka, natural cranberry juice extract and cranberry macerate. It is excellent for mixing drinks, but even better when drunk sauté.

  • Volume: 200 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 37.5% vol.


Toruńska Quince

Toruńska Quince liquor is a hidden-in-a-bottle memory of the Indian summer in Poland. This beverage is produced from quince macerate of our own production. Thanks to that ingredient the liquor has such unusual, refined taste and aroma. Best on the rocks.

  • Volume: 200 ml, 500 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 36% vol.

Toruńska Gingerbread

An outstanding product among Toruńska® liquors. Thanks to a well-thought-out mixture of spice macerates, which is our trade secret, it has all of the richness and complexity of gingerbread aroma and flavour. Taste it once and you will reach for it on numerous occasions in the future.

  • Volume: 200 ml, 500 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 32% vol.

Toruńska Raspberry

This is ruby liquor with natural raspberry flavour. All of that is due to natural raspberry juice and macerates used for its production. It composes perfectly with tea and desserts, and tastes best when drunk in a circle of close friends or relatives.

  • Volume: 500 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 32% vol.

Toruńska Horseradish Vodka

This unique horseradish vodka derives its exceptional, well-defined taste and aroma from macerate of Polish horseradish. Ideal for meat dishes and snacks, feast held at a table or barbeque meetings.

  • Volume: 500 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 37.5% vol.

Select pure vodkas from the town of the Great Astronomer.

Perfectly balanced taste obtained out of distillation
at 180°C and multiple filtration.
Elegant, ornamented bottles which stand out on a shelf.

Also available in gift packaging: cardboard boxes and tubes.

Toruńska Strong Collection Vodka

Masterful combination of alcoholicity and unique flavours. Owing to an extra-ordinary recipe based on high-quality natural ingredients, it is well-appreciated not only by enthusiasts of strong liquors. It is composed in such a way that it tastes superb even if not cooled down. Available also in elegant gift packaging: cardboard box and tube.

  • Volume: 700 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 50% vol.

Toruńska Vodka from Copernicus’ Town

This velvety-in-taste and elegant pure vodka is the best choice for a present and for special occasions. It is a truly exquisite souvenir from the town of Copernicus, available in a beautiful sateen bottle and in elegant gift packaging: cardboard box and tube.

  • Volume: 700 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 40% vol.


Toruńska NEW in Offer

  • Volume: 90 ml

Śliwowica Polska

Traditional Polish liquor made from aged plum distillate, which owes its golden color and unique flavor. Unusual alcohol of a collector’s character – each bottle has its own individual number.

  • Volume: 500 ml
  • Alcoholicity: 55% vol.


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